What am I doing???

It’s been April for 18 days as of today. Where has the time gone? Where have I been? Working, mothering, cleaning, washing, cooking, eating, shopping, driving, mindlessly watching tv, living life, and still not doing what makes me tick. I absolutely love interacting with the children on a daily basis BUT am I walking in my purpose? There’s one thing that came naturally to me as soon as I was able to read and write. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through words on paper. Is writing my gift? Is this the thing I’m supposed to be doing career wise? Hmm…it’s worth considering.

But where does one begin? I don’t want to write for a newspaper or magazine. Should I aspire to own my own newspaper or magazine? What do I have that’s so important that needs to be said? Do I want to write a book? What kind of book? Why would anyone want to read my thoughts or ideas? At this point, all I know is that I love to write so I’ve started doing what I love so much again…and it feels good.

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