It’s going…

Life’s being going…lately. Since, I’ve lost my mom, significant other and I are on the outs; I’ve had a lot of free time to think about life. The one thing that I’ve been running away from is getting healthy. This is my top goal as of NOW. I have to let go of the excuses and all of the bad habits I’ve accrued over the years. Late night snacking isn’t doing me any good. I’ve got to get this horrific habit under control. I’ll do good all day. Then night hits and the hunger monster takes over my mind and body. It’s going to have to stop. I’m making changes gradually. I worked out zero days last week. Today, I’ve started over, and I must admit I’m feeling pretty good about that decision. I’m moving forward and I can’t continue to think of the time I’ve wasted.

I must admit this break from my significant other has me thinking about my goals, purpose, family, relationships (all), and living and enjoying my life separately from anyone else. I have lost myself in the process of living and trying to get through life. My children have completely turned my world upside down, and I can’t think outside of work and their schedules. Well, my daughter anyway because my son is too young to be in any extracurricular activities.

There are so many things I want to do and accomplish; it seems as if time is swiftly passing by. The passing of time is evident in each milestone my children reach. It’s in every gray hair I find. It’s visible each time I see my dad, aunts, grandpa, uncles, brothers, and friends. Life is steadily changing and passing us by, but what are we doing. Are we merely existing or are we living our best lives as Snoop Dogg (I believe) repeats in the chorus of a song? Honestly, I’ve been merely existing for the past few years, but I’m ready to begin living my best life. I’m starting with health. Until next time…let’s make some changes.

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